People being coached.

Our Coaching Credentials

N.D.T. Services, Inc. provides training and coaching services to help improve both the quality of your product and the effectiveness of your processes. Our company philosophy allows you and your staff to be the players for implementation and ownership while we do the coaching.

While we don’t promote instant success programs or software, we integrate the ISO standards into your system. This will minimize impact compared to consultants that force your system to change into ISO. We promote a simple approach and lean systems, not procedures read nor used. We don’t feel we need to generate massive amounts of documentation to justify activity and prices.

Our Coaching Personnel are:

  • Third-party auditors – We do registration audits
  • Nationally accredited auditors (i.e., Probitas or Exemplar or equivalent)
  • Seasoned with an average of over 20 years of operational experience, including Department P&L responsibility
  • Located throughout North America

Services Available:

  • Internal process auditing for cost avoidance – done in less time with more depth
  • Lean process applications
  • True Root Cause digging and corrections
  • Management Representative activities
  • Supplier Quality activities
  • Integrate multi – Systems into one for simplicity

Why Us Versus THEM!

  • We don’t use boilerplate systems – our experience has allowed us exposure to various approaches – we use what will fit your company with minimal impact
  • We minimize documentation and don’t feel procedure weight is needed by adding non-value procedures
  • We audit using the Process Approach
  • We listen to understand – we don’t impose “Do it my way”
  • Minimal on-site time to allow your team to implement and learn
  • Process maps are linked to each other.
  • We don’t define specific auditors who accept our system without question. We don’t care who the auditor is your system is now using.
  • Our extensive qualifications and system exposure


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